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XML-VIS is an XML vocabulary and a set of Open Source Python tools for turning documents created using this vocabulary into music. For a short description of the requirements behind the project, see here

XML-VIS is intended to generate CSound score files initially, but its basic architectural model has been designed to support output in other formats, e.g. MIDI files.

This page, and the current (very preliminary and unstable) code base for XML-VIS are maintained by Dominic Fox.


Monday January 06 2003

We have some source files committed to CVS: the basis of the object model for xml-vis documents. There's not much that can be done with them at the moment, besides manually building an object hierarchy and getting it to generate a stream of note (and rest) events. The next stage is to get the parser to build such a hierarchy based on the contents of an xml document; then we can look at converting note events into actual CSound scores and producing some musical output.

I'm surprised at how quickly the initial coding for this has gone; with luck we'll have some working code before too long, and I can start experimenting with actually generating some mp3s with it. The general idea is to establish an application core, then let further feature requirements be determined through experimental usage - see where it itches, then scratch it...


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